My brother (14, at that time 12) is in puberty and just doesn't get off his computer to learn or do anything useful. He actually got bad grades because of this.

I made an app for my mom as well as a "virus" for my brother's computer that she could use to start and stop my brother's mouse wobble around randomly. Whenever he should be learning, my mother would press a button and he couldn't do anything anymore.

He eventually found out how to start YouTube videos using only his keyboard, so the next update came with a feature that simulated a random keypress instead of the one my brother was actually intending to type whenever he pressed a key.

The fun thing was, that he never found out why that was happening and just assumed his computer was broken.

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    for me personally, i would rather build a 'virus' which would teach him a little bit about tech.

    force him on a site, such as codecademy, he has to do 5 lessons daily, then he'd be free to go.

    Or make him learn stuff, give him challenges - school related - and when he successfully finishes them, he's free to go, as well!

    Therefore, it is a fun-feature, you learn something and he learns something... Therefore it is a lot of profit for both of you!

    As much as i like the idea, or appreciate the fact, that you both care; i also hate it, because i like the fact of pure freedom in even a young age. Afterall it is HIS life.
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    @s0LA I usually would agree, I too love the idea of as much freedom as possible at a young age, however, without getting into too much details, he really deserved it. My brother was/is a completely different case. He got himself kicked out of school because of things he saw online and found funny. Not a single thing, many things. Also we never completely restricted him, we just told him that it will probably work if he'd do his homework. Eventually I told him that actually it was my work, and he did not complain, he even said that probably he deserved it, which was VERY mature and totally unexpected for me. Anyways, the situation has become better since.
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    @wildcard: Good on you for telling him. This could have easily turned into some unintentional gaslighting.
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    Just install & open vim :)
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