When you read an article that WhatsApp's end of support is the last nail in the coffin of Windows Phone and you are like: "But I don't care about WhatsApp at all..." 😅

P.S. W10M user here.

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    From what I understand, WhatsApp is huge outside of North America, and not used a lot in North America where most people will buy an iPhone or a Samsung/Google/Huawei phone instead of Windows phone. So it probably will hurt them a lot. Maybe I’m wrong though.
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    You have time till end of the year. Maybe MS will offer a Winux by then that MIGHT increase the user adoption thereby reviving the WhatsApp support or whatever
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    @Alice: But I use a pink background... 😥
    @52cal: Windows Phones are already dead. That's official for quite a while. MS is mostly focused on cloud with Azure these days and bringing Windows apps to Android & iOS.
    @asgs: Well, early in WP8 it was possible to install Android apps, but the feature got removed fast. Since Microsoft decided to pull the plug for Mobile, I doubt they will make a Winux/Lindows solution.
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    In the Netherlands literally everyone uses WhatsApp. Heck, it sometimes mandatory at the job
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