If someone asked you to fill a partition with garbage data, what's the fastest way you'd use?

My fav is a piped 'yes' command. I've seen it max SSD's out.

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    Clone the repository we use at work I guess.
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    Start using NPM
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    dd of=$system32 if=/dev/urandom
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    Download Youporn.
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    Pipe the output of the YouTube comments section to it
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    Clone reddit.
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    Anything involving Network Downloads is a bad idea - it's unnecessarily slows down the process. I guess the fastest way would be to write a C programm with a while(true) loop that keeps creating smaller files and fills it with bullshit text, think "fffffffffff".
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    1. Open new terminal window on coworker’s computer
    2. Type “cat /dev/zero > /some/random/file &”
    3. Press enter
    4. Close terminal window
    5. Walk away while laughing maniacally
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    @-red 😅
    If I read that much unintelligible and contradictory nonsense, I'd probably want to commit suicide too.
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