When doing a project from scratch, what would you prefer?

Code Quality + Time = Product
Bad Code Quality + Les Time = Product

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    Quality is subjective.

    Usable. Bug free. Functional.
    ☝️ These words are more practical.
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    If the product lifecycle is very short then bad code, because I am not burdening myself or others with stuff that will become obsolete quickly.

    Otherwise good quality, because of maintainance burden to me and others and the need for constant evolvability.
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    Code Quality, I’ll even volunteer for overtime if I really like the project
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    Code quality is all fun and good but it accounts for nothing unless you get the product out the door. So it's a balancing act really
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    @cursee add at least maintainable and probably evolutive to the list :)
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    I can see from all these comments that the question should be presented in a much more detailed sense, and all of you have your opinions about it. Currently I am doing this project on overtime since the project is really awesome because I would like to set a standard for whoever would be joining next in this project later.
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    @MacDev with your effort you can set the standard for others. You can leave a lasting legacy. Continuation of your work with quality set by you is easier than doing something else.
    Bad quality leads to more bad quality most of the time. Good quality leads to more good quality. Working against the trend is more effort, so we continue in the vein of our predecessors.
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