Who here sends their releases through email 🤢🤢, because I do and because it is a closed off system, and because the company we are contracted for lives in 2008. Ah legacy systems....

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    Yes, sometimes. There are customers whose systems are only reachable through several remote access hops, need authentication tokens, etc. To get there you have to study pages of documentation, get tokens, register or report to someone.

    If they avoid the effort to provide usable access, I don't grant them the comfort of a full delivery. I send deliveries by mail or through a download option, everything else is the customers problem then.
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    I keep a log in confluence of all releases, but for unlicensed business users I will just copy/paste my release notes into an email and hit send.

    Everyone stays informed that way.
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    How is this still even a thing 😐
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    Yes, as Word documents... Word and Outlook are the only environment you need.
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