Hey all.
I have a non-technical question.
I'm a university drop out for financial reasons where i live and i have been working in the field for 8 years as a backend dev and some dev-ops on the side.
My question is what are my chances of finding a good job in europe (italy germany uk france ... Etc) without a degree?
And what is the range of my annual salary on average?

And thank you for your help.

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    Experience is valuable (make sure to have that documented). But having any kind of certificate or document showing experience will always be useful and recommended. References from people you worked for count as well.
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    You cant work on most eu-funded projects without a degree, but thats basically it. Salary heavily depends on country, usually 1.5-2k/mo for juniors and 2.5-3k/mo for seniors.

    Edit: of course thats higher in like london, but living there is really fucking expensive
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    There is a really big demand for any dev atm. I do not think you will have much trouble finding anything but finding something good is another question in itself.
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    Thank you all for the answers more input is appreciated regarding the subject.
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