Job seeking is mentally and emotionally tiring.

Done several skill tests that I think I killed every single one of them.

I've heard "Can you go through your resume?" a million times, 1 company hasn't said yes or no for 1 month, I have at least 2 job interviews a week. Recruiters low balling.

I also feel that being hispanic is more challenging. They think I didn't code anything back when I was living in my country. 10 years of experience reduced to the ones I've been working in the US.

It's been a long and tedious journey.

Thanks for bear with me up to this point...

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    I am curious why they even ask all those details related to race, gender, disability, etc.

    Especially having a 2 level filter for race in American companies.
    First they ask whether you are Hispanic/Latino?

    If no, then they ask Asian, White, etc..

    Fucking what kind of differentiation is this?

    Moreover, I have seen many companies list all races and have (not Hispanic/Latino) in brackets next to every race.

    What the fuck!!
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    Experience on a job is experience on a job. There are other fish in the sea. Fuck recruiters.
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    @F1973 I think they are forced to hire a minimum quota of minority groups.

    Which is sad, cause, why would they hire me? Cause I'm good or to fill the brown people quota?
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    @Demolishun it is my impression of things, not to brag but I have a good resume. At the beginning of my job search journey I got a lot of quick "thanks but no thanks" responses from the companies and that got me down for a little bit.

    Just skill test the hell out of me and you'll see if I'm full of BS or not.
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    Took me 2 months of sending cv to find job. I was hired second day after interview.
    Some processes were taking 2 months.
    Some companies didn’t respond to this day despite mentioning couple of times they respond fast. ( I plan to respond to those companies to thank them for their professionalism ).
    Some said I was not qualified.
    Some said they’re expecting something different.
    Some I failed cause of bad luck or bad day.
    At this point I think skills doesn’t matter.
    Nobody cares what you wrote, it just need to align to the job description.
    Nobody reads it so you can write that you’re dog who eat shit for breakfast.
    It’s pure luck.
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    @wicho exactly and this is what pisses me off. Reservations and quotas. Why the fuck they don't hire on merit basis.

    But I still don't understand, why do they have following listing:

    - White (not Hispanic or Latino)
    - Asian (not Hispanic or Latino)
    - Black (not Hispanic or Latino)
    - Aliens (not Hispanic or Latino)
    - Cows from Switzerland (not Hispanic or Latino)

    I mean why specifically mention in every row? Doesn't that automatically imply that if I am Asian, I am not the other race..

    And if there are Hispanic or Latinos in Asia then why the fuck don't have an option for that..
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    @vane I want to give you a hug man. A big fucking hug.

    You summarised my past 1.5 years of job search in few sentences and one word.

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    @F1973 A while back I red some post on linkedin that someone is pasting job description with font size 1px in cv to get trough hiring systems firewall.
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    @vane ATS keyword strategy.

    I too do that but with keywords and not JD.
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    @F1973 It was a bad solution for an actual problem. They probably took like 5 minutes to come up with the quota solution.
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    This reminds me of the affirmative action bake sales people do on college campuses. Now some of the colleges are treating this as hate speech.

    It is refreshing to be able to talk about this here.
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    @vane what the actual fuck is there anything called hiring firewall
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    @wicho Some companies, when they see the word "skills", will throw out a resume. Those companies want to see the word "experience".
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    @Mb3leb pretty much yeah, artificial intelligence, data extraction, parsers, unified formats (ATS-friendly resume format) and stuff like that.
    To work with humans you need to pass trough AI firewall πŸ˜‚
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    @vane damn what does it block? How come !!!
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    @vane It sounds dangerous to the bottom line to filter through an AI like that. You will eventually end up with employees that match the heuristics of the AI, and those might be a very sketchy employee base. Is heuristics the right word here?
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    @Demolishun Well, my resume has both...
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    @vane They created a system like that for sentencing "suggestions" for criminals. They found that the "suggestions", though they had no information about race, made the same decisions that judges made in sentencing people. These decisions gave harsher sentences to black people. It appeared as if the AI was racist when it had no information about race.

    If we continue down this route it will put people in power that manipulate data inside the AI itself. We already see this with major search engines. It seems like a very risky thing to think that flawed humans can make perfect AI. If the humans making this think they are not flawed then it is even more risky.
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    I'm reminded of finding out some of the key words for a job, I got an interview after I wrote:

    "I have a degree of understanding of computers."

    At the end of the interview the guy asked me "What is your degree in again.."

    "Degree" was a key word !
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    I did once wonder, maybe I have don't have enough interesting hobbies listed.


    "Nuclear reactor design."

    Didn't seem to make any difference..

    I guess they must see that in resumes all the time..

    Maybe you could print on triangular paper, or engrave it in a stone slab..

    Just to stand out from the crowd !

    How about, ultraviolet ink so you can only read it in the dark, or something..
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    I'm reminded of someone I know with 80+ years experience in their job, and they get told they are over qualified, and still can't get a job !

    "So, you have 29.75 years experience, you are perfect for us !"

    "I'm sorry, you have 29.76 years experience, you are over qualified.."

    "I'm sorry, you have only 29.74 years experience, we want someone with more experience.."
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    In a fit of universal irony, you'd have better odds getting hired on at Microsoft right now than the average enterprise or small shop.
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    I'll tell you something that others are afraid to say: The metizo/hispanic/latino/spanish status is a bonus to how hirable you are for an employer. I know because im part portuguese. I know I could have an easier time getting hired (and other benefits in society) by filing forms and submitting paper work under that designation, but I chafe even at the notion of ethnicity over merit.

    I've experienced so many disadvantages throughout the years, and *real* discrimination for identifying as *white*, I could not begin to tell you. But I am assuredly spanish (and swarthy lol) in descent.

    Never accept the notion that who you are is a disadvantage. It can be easy to allow the world to turn you into a victim, a victim of despair and all other sorts of things.

    You dont have to be a victim of circumstance.

    You just keep on trying. Make your own luck, take the good, let go of the bad.
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    @subspace I take it you're speaking fron the point of view of a someone who interviews candidates?
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    @subspace πŸ™„
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