How ethical it is to send 1gb email with big picture with word “NO” in response to spam email that wants my agreement ?

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    They don't look at it anyway, they only see if you respond yes or no
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    @dudeking but if it’s custom email server it can shit it down
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    @vane better get a screenshot with lots of lines and edges, convert to svg and send it over
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    I love the idea, but unfortunately I think mail deamon will refuse it. If you have few bucks for that though....

    Install zimbra,
    change max attachment size,
    send it and cross your fingers it will kill enemy.. eghm... opponen... eghm.. their.. yep, that works, their mailer deamon. if it wont, it will probably refuse it.
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    @dudeking I can generate perlin noise as background for that “NO” message, good catch.
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    @DubbaThony will try to figure something out cause of all spam fighting methods I know are defensive and I didn’t found any offensive fighting solution.
    Bring spam fight to another level.
    I have custom made twisted email server so size is not limited 🙂
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    Well, im lazy and I use and abuse zimbra for my needs. Works great, and setting attachment limit is just one command and its arbitrary number, so yeah.

    Im not enough power in my user to make working postfix+dove+mysql+web client combo.

    I tried.
    Many times.
    Every single time something else was shitting on me ;-;.

    Once I could send but not recieve emails, once I could recieve and not send emails. These were my best runs.

    Gave up. Installed zimbra. Happy user few years now.

    For offensive.. hmm.. you can allways try making their server to shit doing some kind of spam on 25 port. connect, send random payload, make the server to parse the payload. With circa around **fuckton** of such "parse jobs" a second it might shit itself...
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    You can send them big, 50 mb PDF file, say that you agree, you done papers and signed it and scanned it, its in PDF file and link it to your website.

    And here fun will start.

    1. upload transfer speed limit. Say 16KB/s
    2. random cron job that kills off web server and restarts it.
    3. get as many open source captchas as you can, google re captcha etc BECOUSE YOU HATE BOTS SO FU..NG MUCH or something.
    4. protect PDF with password
    5. pdf contents == "lol...." repeated how many times is required for 50 megs of PDF.
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    @DubbaThony I got tired just by reading that lol
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    Remember that the spam sender email address might be forged.
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    Assuming your mail server lets you send one that big..

    I've heard if you send something too big, the entire countries internet can fall down..
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    > I didn’t found any offensive fighting solution.

    I think all of those are illegal these days..

    Unless you are a government, and have drones loaded with ordnance..
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    @Nanos I always thought illegal is when you get caught or can’t afford a lawyer otherwise it’s barely legal gray area.

    Anyways it was one of stupid ideas.
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    I'm reminded of the fuss created when I only told a spammer to f u c k o f f.

    They rang my place of work and complained about me !

    The manager instead of telling the spammer to f off too, told me I'd broken the rules of talking to customers badly !

    I pointed out they wasn't a customer..

    Didn't count.

    Eventually I got a black mark on my work record because of it.

    The case didn't proceed any further as the spammer decided to drop it, after some folk had a word with him.

    So things can spiral out of control quite easily.
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    This neatly goes hand in hand with my study of how wars start.

    Often over small things..

    I remember one civil war started because one guy accidentally shot another guy on his own side in the back by accident, because he was a bit trigger happy when on guard duty.

    He refused to apologise..

    So, people took sides.

    And before you knew it, civil war !
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    @Nanos well, first rule is always never hack from your personal computer or country you live in.
    You learned it the hard way. Better that, then go to prison for typing on keyboard.
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