so wait, which color do i wear? The normal purple/gold? The white? BOTH???

the purple/gold is the standard one, the white is for excellence in accelerated classes

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    White one
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  • 3
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    What's that?
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    If it's a distinctive sign for excellence, then you should wear the white one
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    @rantsauce tassels for my high school graduation hat
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    both. just wait til you see all the shit the val and sal will have on
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    I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been celebrated for excellence.
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    @M1sf3t Cum Laude system.
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    @Parzi ah ok, that's the system where they convert your score to the two digits and a decimal like most colleges? Our high school just kept the normal averages.

    Pretty sure some of the assholes I graduated with woulda been ready to kill someone had they done otherwise. Quite a few of them got really petty there at the end 🙄
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    Grade Point Average, yeah, @M1sf3t.
    Turns out I also get a green one, which will be given right before I walk because the shipment is late.

    I get to wear 3 tassels!
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    @Parzi haha nice, maybe you'll be able to find you hat when you throw it 😅
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    @M1sf3t i wrote my name in mine and we're forced to remove tassels first.
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    @Parzi i could c that, ours tried to tell us we couldn't throw them at all. Of course we were not a class that was known for listening very well 😂
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    @M1sf3t what the fuck did you do xD

    scrolled my avatar just barely offscreen and back and it fixed itself, GPU error???
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    @Parzi hmm, idk, i have been told i have a addictive personality, maybe it rubbed off on my avatar 🤔
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