Just graduated, first real internship.
So basically I'm the only one who do what I'm supposed to do, nobody can help me because they are on project that are totally different. Even my superior who hired me don't know what my predecessor exactly did, he just gave me his gitlab and said "continue... Whatever this shit was".
So I'm alone and the code of my "predecessor" doesn't work obviously because the half of the files are missing, the code has no explanation and he's not joignable. I have to build an algorithm of deep learning from scratch and to do a presentation in one month to explain to everyone why I'm not useless.
Is it really like this everywhere?? Is it the reason why DevRant was created??
I read the quotes when I was in school like "oh no c'mon that really never happened". Foolish boy I was..

But there's nice coffee

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    You got a whole month?? :o oohhhh, boy isn't that exciting!! It would be more fun if you had half that time! Oh the rush!

    P.S. Your task is legit :) 1 month is more than enough for the job.

    Nobody said developers' life is easy ;) noone respects us. We are just a bunch of bolts and nuts in a gigantic machine
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    @netikras I think they got me a month because I have to do some "data mining". The dataset I have is the result of web crawling with all the HTML tag in the file
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    Internship after graduation? In the netherlands you do internships before graduation (fail an internship and you fail gradruation). After graduation you are a full employee
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    @Codex404 i finished my courses, I almost graduated my bachelor. we have an internship that count for our grades, but it's just 2 ECTS, so I can consider that I have my year whatever happen (I'm in France)
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    @Codex404 same here... I had 2 internships: one mid-course, another - right before grad
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    Like they never fail you at a free internship if you try your best and maybe deliver something. They know that you are kinda 'useless' for the company. I use it to study things I like. It's a period we all have to go through.
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