Oh, look. Google cares about my well-being. https://wellbeing.google

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    This actually makes me want to get a Pixel even more. Those are all things I frequently think about, I want those features. Now, I don't believe that a company can ever care about people's well-being more than their bottom line, but this will benefit me...
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    I think I've seen too many dystopian techpocalypse movies and TV shows to trust that they don't have an ulterior motive or alternate agenda.
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    Bullshit. Pornhub does it better.
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    @stackodev This.

    I've also seen Google (and facebook, amazon, microsoft, etc.) abusing their data and position/power way too many times to trust them on/with anything.
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    What the hell, Google has its own domain extension? O_O

    Fucking great 😕
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    Google only cares about obtaining and selling data points.
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    @SHA-16384 They're also extremely political.
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    @Root political? Can you elaborate?
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    Here's one example of Google getting political.


    "This week Google censored the Claremont Institute, a highly regarded conservative think tank with a 40-year track record of defending American founding principles such as freedom of speech and religion. Claremont recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of illiberal speech codes and their threat to freedom; at the same time, the institute started online advertising for its upcoming anniversary dinner.

    Apparently not recognizing the absurdity of censoring an organization for writing about censorship, Google shut down the ads and told Claremont there would be “no appeal.” Claremont’s offense? The discussion of multiculturalism and speech codes on its website.

    Eventually, Google relented. But only after Claremont went public did Google back down and acknowledge a “mistake.” "
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