But I get this mail and it's like u gotta be shitting me....

1. You give me $50K on a 500k house
2. If it goes up 100k, you get 40 + (80% profit risk free) the original 50
3. If it goes down, I lose the original and still owe u 10k (20% of the original)

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    Partners... Right.... And I'm an idiot... A rich idiot...
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    Scammers are everywhere, and so are people who are absolutely terrible with money.

    It works kinda like the rabbits and wolves scenario.
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    People doing stupid, risky stuff with the place they sleep caused the last recession. Let’s try that again.
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    @Root @jeeper hm... Maybe it's just me then since I'm not desperate for money.

    Then it makes a bit more sense, if you bought a house you can't afford.

    But then they just basically relabelled a mortgage... With really high interest...
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