This law never fails!πŸ˜‚

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    Actually I have seen this law fail once. Our dooms day project was failing the deadline. Lots of experienced ppl were added and we were able to pull it out.
    New folks were able to do their part without much communication with the old folks under heavy pressure.
    No one believed we could've succeeded but we did.
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    1000 man hours / 10 devs / 35 hours per week = managements perspective on when it should be complete.
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    Look at "Bermuda Plan" as a way to counter the Brook's law:
    "This is the Bermuda plan, when 90% of the developers are removed ("send them to Bermuda") and the remaining 10% complete the software."

    It works
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    I am happy as long as it does not apply to horsepower
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