I was so proud of my recent tiny little node script that I published it on npm.

I really just kinda wanted to learn how npm worked. I don't expect anyone to find any use from this.

I wrote the README in a sarcastic tone if anyone is interested in reading that


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    I dig it. Normally I just try and rely on the http package as much as I can because contrary to popular belief I do have an issue with the ammount of dependencies encountered during Node development, but this is a small and extensible library and your code is really clean man.

    Really cool
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    @AleCx04 Hey thanks, glad to hear you like it. 0 dependencies on the package itself. It actually only uses two of the node.js libs, even.

    I hate all the bullshit swarming around npm, too. That's why I always used this script. It has gone through many iterations over the years. Since one of my projects at work will use node, I decided to clean up this script and use it. It came out so well that I was actually proud.

    Anyways, it just does the bullshit work for you, and nothing extra. Nothing fancy, nothing bloated.
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    Looks awesome from the POV of someone who doesn't even use Node. And even better -

    'Does it support HTTPS?'

    'httpserv doesn't care'

    {positive adjective because i keep using words twice}
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    I was using node server yesterday for first time. This looks very helpful, thanks!
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    Nice work!
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