Spend 3hrs on a coding excersize for a job interview and recieve the following as the reason they are not moving forward

"Coding style and an error"

Ask for a less vague reply and they specify a problem my code not only accounted for but had a comment specifying how it accounted for it and a spelling mistake in my GitHub repository

Goddam looking for a job is soul destroying

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    Sounds like a bad place to work at.

    Coding style is something you have to learn at each location as there are no overall best ww have agreed on.

    And even Amazon, known for their coding questions, don’t care about perfect code but the reasoning behind it.

    If your reasoning and direction is good they can teach you the rest.

    Bothering with a coding error that might not even be an error indicates either a need to prove their superiority or ignorance because the interviewer actually do mot understand the problem and us just comparing to a reference implementation.
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    Dodged a bullet there I reckon
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    That’s stupid, code styling is usually automated anyway.
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    @Robinha can't get the time back though unfortunately
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    @Voxera yeah you are definitely right, its just hard to get over someone handwaiving away a few hours of your time like that. I got an offer today though so all the BS is worth something
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    Remember most of the time your code will be reviewed by idiots who sucked 100 - 175 dicks to get to a lead position, so take the comments lightly.

    The fact that they commented on "coding style" confirms that. - Number 1 rule of giving feedbacks: always be specific. There is no such a thing called "coding style".
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    Wow! You recieved a REASON for not moving forward???
    No offense but, friggin' first world issues...
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