Got a new job on a big brand bank in the financial district in NYC, went through multiple code interviews, 2 hours of in person interviews asking me about architectures, design patterns, solutions to imaginary complex problems(which I enjoyed thinking about), finally got accepted, background checks needed before starting (previous job check, credit, drugs, etc..) so I waited 2 months, 1st day at work, the building is huge and cool, biggest spaces I've ever seen, amazingly insane large monitors and people working on a great variety of new technologies.

I was assigned to a corner far away from the open spaces, trying to understand a project that I will maintain who works with java 5, struts and jsp(for fucks sake, JSP!!!)

Why life laughs on my face? why?

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    As a lesson, next time ask what will you be working on.
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    Welcome to Banks!
    I have been working with a bank for last 3 years. I changed my team after first year. Now I’m working on low latency trading platform. Internal mobility is really good in banks.
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    My experience is that technology in banking is perceived as a necessary evil. Also that there are always big monitors and spaces... And those are few. It's a world of giants and dwarfs. The giants get the big spaces, they gain a lot but they are few. The dwarfs are many and... Well you know precisely what being a dwarf feels like. I'm not trying to be rude but it's like that. Most people in banking do not make a lot of money, the median wage is very far from the average.
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    All the very best man
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