Observation rather than a rant.

Some of the best, most experienced devs I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with have invariably all been the most humble and least opinionated. Mention (x language that might commonly draw disdain) and you don't hear boos and hisses and jokes being thrown around, you hear considered, succinct observations about how, if they were to work with this language, there'd be various coding styles and rules that they'd suggest working to in order to avoid some common pitfalls and frustrations.

Mention a language or framework that they know little about, or heck, they know quite a *lot* about but in which they wouldn't consider themselves an expert, and they're the first to suggest drafting in help. They're more than happy to listen to bring themselves up to speed, even if that "outside help" comes from someone considerably younger and less experienced than them.

This has particularly come to mind as of late as I've found myself working with both ends of the spectrum, but it's been my experience for many years now. Have many others had the same experience?

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    Yea this more or less goes for any skilled trade but it doesn't necessarily come with more experience, rather when a particular experience occurs.

    In fact the smarter you are and the better you are at keeping up with things will often delay this experience and handicap you towards learnin a specific life lesson that will come with it.

    Some particularly "genius" individuals (🙄) will often even have to repeat the exam more than than once to fully grasp it.
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    I take it that you havn't met Linus Torvalds. ;-)
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    @Fast-Nop It's not always the case of course, but there's many sources saying how reasonable and well-tempered a guy he was before he became famous. Unfortunately, in his case, I think the fame clearly went to his head somewhat.
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    @AlmondSauce I've got limited knowledge on the specific subject from my experience trying to convince people that there is a better way of doing things when you up against the likes of large corporations with infinite money, media, lobbyists, and politicians in their pocket is about like beating your head into a brick wall. Tends to make one become an asshole.

    Still you don't come up with those type solutions unless you learn the first lesson and evolve from it. It takes a certain humbleness in the beginning to understand the flaws of why something is doesn't work and then want to just give that knowledge to the world.
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