I don't really like memes but this one is way too relatable...

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    Well that's what slave labo...ehm i mean internship is for
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    Umm... You don't need a job for experience?
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    Overall yes.

    But if you make side projects in college and do an internship for a bit, then poof you've got experience.
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    I felt like it was css joke
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    Well... In my area you really need 3 to 5 years of experience... If you don't land on a good company for your internship, if your not good in the internship, enough to get hired to that company you must go to work in a shitty company, for 3 to 5 years to gain that experience, gaining the less possible and probably having shitty bosses. Btw I'm a CNC operator on a molding company but any job in the molding business is the same.
    Good part, after 3 to 5 years in a good company you will always gain more then in most factory jobs.
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    Job needs experience😅
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    @whatevs You've clicked on a meme though... 8)
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    We have intern to gain experience.
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    I started working as a debug technician (electronics) over 10 years ago, you did not need experience for that kind of job wich was nice, but the pay sucked.

    I used to deal with customer entineers and communicate with management a lot, which gave me experience in customer service, more responsibilities and not more money.

    So now days I can say i have over 10 years of experience dealing with people's shit, create win-win scenarios and defend my company and the customer's company interests.

    I am 33 btw, so I started about 1 year before ending my studies, which led me to quut studying electronics and got me into an online IT degree in Mexico (purely administrative, almost no code or tech has teached)

    On my last job as a support eng I learned ruby, some js, some php, API's, basic shit, etc.

    Now I am a tech account manager in a german company.

    Bottom line, get experience, get paid.
    If your city's or country job situation is as backwards as in that meme, try finding something remote.
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    @hack hahaha yes!! that last text bubble!
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    nice one
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