......how to use gaypal and not get banned? thanks

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    I'm a gay pal, need some help?

    But why do you get banned?
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    @alexbrooklyn i dont know either
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    Do not use it maybe 🤷
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    As a seller and a buyer for many years, I've never actually had an issue with PayPal before.
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    Me neither. What are you using it for?
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    @620hun receiving money
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    Are you dealing with the three-week hold they place on your money because you're not reputable on eBay?
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    @bahua 3 weeks? I've seen 6m to inf.
    @SukMikeHok depending on how you receive it, there's rules to follow, you should be fine doing just that :/ (actually identification is also key)
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    What did he mean by this 🤔
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    @SukMikeHok MOST important hint: never ever leave money on your PP account.

    They freeze accounts randomly for half a year and use that money for stock market business. The time span is short enough that no court proceedings can occur to them, but long enough to use the money.

    Obviously, they have no incentive to do that if there's no money on your account anyway, so always withdraw it as quickly as possible.
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    you really have bad luck with getting banned from software companies don't you 😅
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