when you are tired from co working space !

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    Those mountains though...
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    When you are tired from monitors with reasonable viewing angles
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    Are you sure you can code on that condition?
    In a bright place, I cannot concentrate for more than 10 minutes.
    It has to be dark room, with blinds closed for me to be able to face my laptop.
    : /
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    My co working place is a coffee shop on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday :D Sooo.... yeah, devs put in the same building as a highly sophisticated and extraordinarily expensive coffee maker they can't use because it is so freaking expensive and the manual for the damn thing is nowhere to be found - highly frustrating >:(
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    I miss the extended screen when I am out.

    BTW, this is python django on your screen. I use PyCharm for my python stuff. Tried VS code, but the intellisence doesn't work for my django projects. I am sure there is some customisation.
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    @cho-uc here is not permanent place for coding .i was here for 30 minutes
    and there is good place for thinking about problems and .... not for pure coding
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    @bytecode i have a sticker in my laptop that write "no coffee no work "
    coffee shop can be good place but might be expensive but it is good some times i prefer co working space
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    @adityap31 yes its django project
    i think pycharm can help and development in such enviroment can increase development speed but i prefer free software and there is many way to integrate vs code with django and python with auto complete and debug ....
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    @mrasgari yes but what are the vscode packages you use for django development ?
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    @mrasgari oh... well, what I meant was that the co working place I work at IS a coffee shop. The company/non-profit organization I work for rents it every Thursday
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