I found a healthCheck function while troubleshooting an old application for a large auto manufacturer today. The healthCheck function was running several times a day on a timer. The function tries to insert a record into the database and returns whether or not it was successful. It was written in 1999 and has to date inserted over 2.5 million records into the database! 1/3rd of the data for this application was the same record.

How the hell did nobody notice this for 20 years!!!

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    Welcome to devRant?
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    Welcome to dR

    So it was entry for a praticular car or repeated entry of some part of database?

    Anyways, I guess it must be due to testing in prod or debugging in prod
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    Well, first of all, welcome to devRant

    And, as you might have guess, we rant here about ALL the stupid shit we come across.

    So, a ++ for you, try to keep your sanity, keep your code close, and your coffee closer.
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