Designed and written > 1.3k lines of code this week and 98% test coverage..
CI and CD set up and working..

Was a Long week and very exhausting but I feel really good now, happy to start the weekend with whiskey and beer.

This is gonna be one of my most productive sprints so far..

Hope you all had a successful week as well.

Happy Friday 🍻

And please don’t start with any „that’s nothing, I’ve written 5k lines ones“ comments.. It‘s professional, stable, optimized code and code I can actually be proud of.

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    Congrats. I'll bite your fish for compliments! Hope you have a great weekend. I hope you enjoy your relaxation and whiskey reward!
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    how is 1.3k nothing, my record is like 300 or something because of formatting
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    Woo! Way to go!
    We're proud of you! 😊
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    That's nothing, I've written 5k lines ones
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    @Tinshi that’s nothing. Chuck Norris has written a bug free version of Windows 12..
    ...While making love to Jennifer Love Hewitt in her mid 20s.
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    @M1sf3t 😄👌
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