I'm currently interviewing for other jobs, told my manager last week, was told by a company director that is a career limiting announcement.

Like, genuinely, fuck you. Grow up.

The worst they can do to me between now and when I'm gone is to take the interesting projets away from me and give them to someone else, but the only other person that can really do the things I do is my manager (CTO) who is busy as fuck, so anyone else is going to need my help, and oh hey suddenly I don't know the answer to their questions so what you going to do?

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    Sounds like it's a career-broadening announcement to me.
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    Your name gave me an edgy impression. Are you sure you dont hide any details? 🤔
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    But why? Why tell them you're doing that?
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    I had to take 3 and a half days holiday last week, I cba to lie, I'm already pushing my lunch breaks for phone interviews and, like I said, there is almost nothing they can do to hurt me, and anything they try will hurt them too. I've got 3 final interviews booked, a few others progressing, so it won't be long.
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