What has happened to the collab feature?
I just came back to DevRant after a rather long time because last time I checked it was just shitty r/ProgrammerHumor memes (it seems to have changed for good now, thank you very much everyone. I guess I will be here more often again) and I can't find the collab tab :( I really enjoyed it, what happened?

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    It's still there.

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    Dunno why only one is showing up. I saw a few within the last few days, but one of them was a shitpost, I think.
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    @Stuxnet Oh thanks a lot. I guess I should use GUIs more again so I find stuff more intuitive lol
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    @RantSomeWhere this is more realistic to what it's like irl.

    Well at least normally.

    Just got it cut short due to it being hot as fuck outside and my hair was thick lol
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