<imho> I prefer the second one, it is definitely more readable </imho>

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    snakes for db fields camelCase for variables
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    I grew up using camelCase, but to me, it's actually more important that all devs in a team agree on using the same format.
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    @arminiae was just about to say the same.
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    As @arminiae said. For solo projects, I believe it should be the standard of the language - camelCase for java, under_scores for Ruby, etc
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    It definitely depends on the language and the style that was selected at the beginning of the project (or at least in the file) and to keep it that way.
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    I find it much quicker to type in camel case cause sometimes I hit the wrong key when trying to press underscore.
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    Really I don't care as long as everyone uses the same one. Having to deal with both naming conventions at once is just...
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