My manager told me that when he noticed my male colleague disturbing tasks and helping out juniors, he recommended him for a lead position then proceeded to tell how I am a great mentor and how well my year end goal items were managed.

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    Did you actually do exactly what your colleague did?
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    @Fast-Nop dude we are on two different sprint teams and the manager had to make my team plan their sprint to help enhance their performance.
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    @ednamode sounds rather like you did useful work, but failed to maintain a presence. Office politics, lesson 1: solid, but silent work will never promote your career, whether you have a dick or not.

    And even bad work with good self-promotion trumps good, but silent work every day of the week when it comes to career. That's also true whether you have a dick or not.
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    @Fast-Nop who said I was silent dude. I got a special thank you email from our business department and my manager downplayed as a team effort, whereas his manager confirmed and acknowledged my extra efforts and thanked me for it
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    You might want to think twice before you contribute anything going against you as sexism, that's a very slippery slope. Once people get comfortable in the victim role their minds make all sorts of impressive gymnastics to make sure that they stay there.
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    @NOPSledRider this isn't a single incident, plus he does the same to my other female colleague
    He actually told me I was hired because I was a girl. This isn't in my head
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    (meta) y'all need to make some avatars
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    @ednamode ask for a raise then.

    If you are that good for the team they have no reason not to want to keep you.
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    @Santaclauze everybody gets a raise each year, thats not the problem, it's the "team is self managed" statement he keeps saying and "it's a team effort" when it comes on something my female colleague or I have done.
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    @ednamode well you should make a point out of it. But be careful what words you use because even if you are right it may fustrate people (politic s suck...)
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    @Santaclauze I see this is as a no win scenario unfortunately.

    My colleague and I have both started looking at other options, wish me luck :-)
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    @norman70688 That's the way quotas work right? They have to make certain decisions to keep up appearances and avoid attacks from the frothing mob who's got an aggressive case of OCD and feverishly has to try and get the stacks of male and female engineers in every company to be the exact same size even if the vast majority of engineers are male, leaving them with too little volume for the equation and thus further fueling their insanity when it doesn't add up. It's almost as if the data suggests that men and women on average have different interests, but the tolerant people who preach 'diversity' are willing to tolerate a lot, but draws the line at tolerating letting people choose their path for themselves.
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