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I work in IT as a lead developer, as in I run the department. One of my team leads is female, let's call her Ripley. She is young, smart, and a great dev.

Today she met with a new customer to discuss a big project. Project management sent a male project manager (Hicks).

It started perfectly with Customer asking Ripley for coffee. He's informed about her status and mutters something like an apology. He is visibly unhappy.

He then proceeds to ask Hicks technical questions despite having been told that Ripley will answer all the technical stuff. Ripley tries to answer questions. Customer ignores Ripley and continues talking to Hicks.

Hicks tells him politely that Ripley is the one to talk to, since he is not a dev and unable to help him. Ripley tries again to explain stuff.

Customer gets angry and demands another developer, since Ripley is "obviously far too young for a project of this complexity". Ripley rolls her eyes and leaves. Not the first time this happens.

Hicks smoothes the waves and tells the customer that the senior lead developer will personally answer all his questions. Customer is satisfied.

I walk in and calmly introduce myself.

The customer - now far less satisfied - was forced to discuss all his questions with yours truly, the 47 year old female IT nerd. I was very professional, friendly, and businesslike, he was visibly uncomfortable and irritated by the situation.

It's petty and stupid, but man, it felt great watching his face fall when I entered. I've been in Ripley's shoes far too often and today I heard 23 old me cheering me on.

Ripley loved it as well. She made sure to smile extra brightly at customer when she walked past the meeting room on her way to the coffee machine.

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    I'm just your regular (as far as IT nerds can be called regular) middle-aged white guy but it baffles me how there are guys in this day and age who have their head so far up their arse that they can't talk to a woman in a professional context.
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    Ha! What a cunt that one was.
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    I’m an ex-IT turned dev and you’d be surprised how frequently this happens. When I ran a repair shop I ran into two separate customers who wouldn’t even speak to me when they found out I was a woman.

    Serves as a reminder that when women bring up sexism, we’re not pulling it out of our ass. This shit is sadly still common af, and change only comes from speaking up about it.
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    @BrokeTheInteger that is one of the reasons I share it here.
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    @NoToJavaScript these things are known months in advance. I would worry more about someone being hit by a bus or them just quiting. Quiting is known just a month in advance and an accident isnt at all.

    Ive had this happen twice in a single project in the same year. Does it matter? No because it's not like anarchy breaks loose when one person leaves.
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    @NoToJavaScript the 'p' word πŸ˜‚
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    Love this!
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    @NoToJavaScript God forbid people have kids, or illness or disabilities or wanna change companies. You should double check such sexist approach to work ethics mate. Btw, in advanced countries fathers can also leave for months due to paternity, so your reasons make even less sense
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    FUCK I have never had to deal with this shit at work but I applaud her for her advocacy (for herself and others). I’ve been fortunate enough to start at a company that I can honestly say, I have never felt I have been treated differently because I’m a woman.

    This shit makes my blood boil. But I don’t back down either. Fuck yeah bitches ✊🏻
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    Imagine thinking that a person is not capable of doing something because of gender. This is some real boomer shit
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    This story sounds too good to be true. Could be wrong, though.
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    @Fexell nah, I've seen similar things with my own eyes
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    to be fair it's not unreasonable for someone (this client) to assume a younger lady is not experienced, seeing that companies are obsessed with hiring any girl who applies and all that... you all know the drill. which ironically makes women who are actually qualified less noticed.

    also women should be in the kitchen :p
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    I absolutely agree with that last sentence. ^ Women should be in the kitchen eating all the yummy food before it gets to the table πŸ˜‹ #LeaveNoYummyFoodForMen #jokingNotJoking
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    As a man I have had this happen to me by a female interviewer. Sadly it goes both ways. The direct quote was "we have no positions for adonis's here"
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    @skprog the thing is it happens to you once, this happens to my female colleagues regularly.
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