Acer Swift 3 Vs Dell Vostro 5881 ?

Any comments or recommendation?
Have any of you have any experience?

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    Used Acer swift for about a year or so. Wonderful machine. Can’t complain.
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    Swift 1 : Vostro 0
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    MacBook Pro
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    I'd say aim for Asus, if linux.
    Dell overheats and Acer is noisy imho.
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    Must add tho, haven't tried cheaper Asus so I'm not sure about lower budget stuff.
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    asus gl702
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    I probably should have provided my below $900 budget requirement 💀
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    Dell, because of support and reliable quality, *generally*. In my experience their laptops break the least and when they do it's easy to get them fixed by the company.
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    Points for Acer :) i had a Vostro a while back, ended up in a trash can
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