Did you buy it?
What did it cost?

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    Fortnite is free 🤔
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    @CoffeeMakesCode Yes. In game paid stuffs though.
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    @pk1992 tfw you must flex on the no skinners
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    I haven’t touched my PS4 in months. I hope it still works. Lol
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    What did you buy ?
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    Try buying the Switch and browsing the Nintendo eShop.
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    @rutee07 a true test in patience
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    @Nanos ps4 pro, 55" 4k TV, ps plus
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    I am considering buying a PS4 just so I can play The Last Of Us, Xbox for Forza and Switch for Pokemon.... fortunately, I don't have enough money for that so I am just going to buy the newest DLC for KCD and one of the newer RTX graphics cards + 32GB RAM kit
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    I've only got a 50" 4K TV myself, had trouble getting it to work nicely via its HDMI connector, in the end got a DP to HDMI active connector.

    Oh and I did get a new chair too, though its very cheap and already wearing out after only a years use !

    I don't live near enough anywhere that sells second hand office chairs though, as one of those can be really good quality and cheaper than new crap.
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