When will medium and its coding tutorials die out already? Why the hell are every fucking post of this plattform so cringy af, like tf why you start your tutorial with a fucking irrelevant meme you dumb asshole? Your code snippet is mostly garbage and you aint explain shit; I am not even sure if the code is yours. Go eat a dick and learn the subject properly before even start to teach people online.

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    "Bloggers" who don't know how to code, or professionals who don't know how to serve content to anyone but a junior who just started with X subject.
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    Some articles are still pretty good, they saved my ass at work a lot of time.
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    Why are you looking at code tutorials on medium?
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    oh, god, this gives me flashback on when i was trying to find some tutorials a few days ago. first two thirds of the article are completely irrelevant bullshit, the last third is the snippet i might have been looking for, but nothing in it is explained, and all the things it depends on and uses are also ignored and unexplained, because of course that when ilook up a tutorial about this thing, i already know all of these other related things, because that's how looking for tutorials works, right?
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    this is why I'm subbed to you
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    Why? Because it's monetized of course! It's basically the same thing as the defunct Google Knol.
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