What the flying git did I just do.

So here I am, finishing my billionth.. ok maybe not that many, feels like it some days.. task so I do the following:

git add /path/to/file.ext
git commit -m "yay done for the day" /path/to/file.ext

- yes I specify the files in a commit, I've had bad days in the past, plus I can work on multiple files at a time -
But anyway...

Then all of a sudden 20 other files are now staged for commit 🧐🤪🤭😱🤯


Guess I'll be sorting this mess out before doing a push tomorrow morning.

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    I've run into situations where windows makes an invalid file descriptor and git can't tell if a letter in the name is capital or lower, making it impossible to checkout anything because there's always a modification.
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