package bar;

public class Foo {
public static void main(){
System.out.println("Hello, World!");

I still wonder why I didn't start with Python, print('Hello, World') is a god damn one-liner

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    Both are equally shit.
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    Why didn't you start with alphabeta?

    ` Output: "Hello World!"

    Yes i had to learn alphabeta for a CTF, i also question why this exists... but it does. And yes i understand alphabeta.
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    @s0LA When humans get bored, they're willing to do anything just because they can.
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    I dont see any problem at all with the java code, maybe instead of system something like Console.writeLine would look better though.

    I never understoof why theres so much hate against the main method, especially from JS guys.
    When I look at react boilerplate on the other hand ....
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    @mojo2012 then can you explain to me why I need a class for that? OOP may be a good thing but for writing Hello, World to stdout - why should such task require a class? That's pretty much the only thing i dislike about java
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    learn prolog.

    write("Hello world").
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    @ruhe Because the program is an object.
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    @Jilano But a 5 Register language?

    CMON BRO, this was literally made to torture humans.

    5 Registers... of which u can use 4....
    + you have a total amount of 1kb for memory.... AMAZING!1!!
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    @s0LA Well, that's not surprising. According to history, humans excel at torturing other humans!
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    If you get upset about this then i assume you dont know much java.
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    @ruhe because java puts consistency first, its an OO kanguage over all.

    And how many one-line programs do u intens to write??
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