There were two of them, not sure which was completed first. One was malware, the second one -- admin tool.

These were the early XP days

1. A batch [windows] script to ease system users' mgmt. Nothing fancy, just multiple calls to usercontrol. My dad needed it for work, and there, it was born. To extend further I made it into an exe file w/ some icon. I felt very proud of it :)

2. I have already told a story of this one at dR. Anyway, it was also a batch script. Except that it was more advanced. Basicaly it was a trojan. Once executed it discovered all that computer's ip addresses and uploaded them to an ftp. Then - pulled a headless radmin installation and initiated a silent install of radmin server. Added radmin server's executable to autolaunch list so that it would come up after reboots. Once done - uploaded SUCCESS status to my ftp. And then all I had left to do - pick an ip from my ftp and enter it into radmin client's CONNECT window. I had a full controll of over a dozen of pcs

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    How did you spread the malware? Were most of the XPers you controlled running as Administrator?
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    @asgs via skype :)
    yes, they were admins
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