What else do you need?

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    Something like this

    "These skills can be considered a huge plus:
    - devops
    - machine learning"
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    @JhonDoe I'm not very knowledgeable in ML. I opened a book or too but that's about it. I'm not sure which part of the requirements is related to machine learning.
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    @JhonDoe Btw can you give me an idea of how long it generally takes to understand ML? I don't mean just learning to use tools like scikit or tensorflow.
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    Thats not that much to ask right?
    PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, AWS, Shopify, ecommerce experience (does it matter that much if its for iphone development, android development or web development is?)

    Replace AWS for Azure and that would be me.
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    Do they want fries with that?
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    They need @C0D4

    Well besides the Mobile Development / shopify part... but the rest of it, meh, just another day.
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    @AshesOfTheSun how good are you at math and statistic? You do notneed to be an Ace but still need some. Let us say you want to learn the old school way with implementing the algos yourself to learn the stuff: at least one year to feel comfortable to speak to ML experts
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    Shopify's build with PHP, right? Asides from the Android/iPhone part it seems like quite a simple "fullstack" role (even though I prefer not to use that wording). Though an experienced programmer might very well know some Android/ios stuff
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    @AI-Overlord Thank you for your answer. I'm very bad at math. I am 33 and I still do not fully understand Fourier Transform. But at this point of my career I feel like math is the only thing that can save me.
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    Thats seems pretty normal. What else do you expect? Html programmer?
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