I was auto populating a date field using JavaScript.
Tested. Deployed.
2 days later, the field stops populating and I don't know why??
Turns out I didn't handle the '0' for the day in my date and while testing the dates were 29-31 since end of month so didn't really see it. lol.

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    <input type="date"> and <input type="time"> already handle well those two data inputs...
    What's your issue to require js?
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    @h4xx3r maybe it's called Safari?
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    Anyway, much better than when I deployed and tested a date input form, only to discover, exactly on the 13th of the month, that day and month where switched in the backend due to a wrong locale formatting. In the past 2 weeks.

    You're not alone out there.
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    @h4xx3r because the field was disabled and only to be populated with the current date automatically on selecting a checkbox
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