Someone’s explaining an SQL injection in the train

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    He’s talking about Microsoft Access now
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    Well.. trains here in slovakia sometimes look like someone ran a SQL injection on them.... suddenly brusting into flames

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    @MattSK that’s what this train will look like if he keeps talking
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    @Frederick I would die internally
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    @Frederick that's why we migrated to NoSQL, can't run SQL Injection... if there's NO SQL 😅
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    @xalys not really, it's called NoSQLi instead.
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    @Frederick 😂
    Does it still count as DDOS if all the attacking nodes are on the same network?
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    @Frederick he s right IMO
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    SQL injection on the train: sneakily add a wagon on the train station, and board it to get free access. Bonus points if its one of those tugging wagons, instant admin privileges.
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    @Quirinus given that wagons are indexed from the engine and workers at stations are given instructions based on that number, by inserting or removing a few wagons at the right place you can get your chosen wagon (and/or the inserted ones) to go anywhere.
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