Since JavaScript is so widely used, do you think the market will continue to adopt JavaScript into everything for the next, say, 25 years, or will the market eventually have some catastrophic shift towards other technologies, placing JS back in the passenger seat?

Personally I love JS for some solutions but prefer using a diverse array of technologies for different tasks

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    If there is more adoption to come I would love to see Typescript get some more love.
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    JS will die out eventually.
    I mean if history has taught us anything, stacks get replaced with new ones at some point.

    No one is using vbscript in browsers anymore - well they shouldn't be, JS took the market on that front, and until the day we find a better alternative it will probably stay that way.
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    @bhouston i don't get why TS is so underused. It has transpiling and all that stuff included, but no, people still build massive babeljs stacks instead.
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    25 years is a very long time. There are a lot of new technologies already in the pipeline and in that time frame there'll be some new ones that haven't even been dreamed of yet.

    But in the shorter term, Web assembly could displace js
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