Oh god, I was like 13 and just found out about RPG Maker 2000. I got a pirated copy from a friend because ive got no internet at that time. I remember, my first project was with a friend of mine and dayum, we were so dumb and unknowing.

Once we wanted to implement a counter of how many fights a player had.
The problem was, we only knew about switches (boolean variables) and so we started to implement boolean variables like these:

and so on, as something like a counter.
We took this to 50 before I asked my friend if this is the right way of doing this.

He answered: "thats probably the reason, why games are so big nowadays" (he just installed morrowind at home...)

Then at one day, I reached the point I didnt knew what I should do next in this project, so I looked around at all the other functions we never even tried and I found something called "variables".
Those where the "real" variables like string and int and wow, suddenly the possibilities where endless. I told him about variables at telephone and what we could do now, but that just got him somehow frustrated so he told me, that he wants to leave this programming thing

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    That was like me writing ~400 nested if statements...

    I still have that code somewhere on my machine, but it is something I'm not proud of at all.
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    @MrCSharp 400 nested if statements! O_o
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    @MrCSharp Nowadays we call that 'AI'
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    God I have so many good memories of RPG Maker 2k. I got the hang of making things with events fast and easy cause I already had some experience programming (as a kid me and my cousin liked making web pages a lot and now and then some simple javascript came into it) but when I discovered it can support Ruby (RGSS) I felt incredibly frustrated cause I didnt understand any of it and it just felt scary and amazing to even scroll through the pre-written examples (at this point I think I was at RPG Maker XP or so) Maybe I should get another look at it now that Im the best of the best
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    He got jelly, your friend.
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