'Twas a fun day today...
Construction workers cut into the fiber line to a medium sized company this morning. We got the splicer guy on site quickly, but it is going to take a while, because the whole cable needs to be extended a bit in order to repair it. We got the company online through a LTE modem for the repair duration. Oh and also had to set up VPN on all PCs to connect to their server in our datacenter. A fun day indeed.

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    I think if this happened where I live, the construction workers would have finished up their jobs and cover up the area. Acting like nothing was done wrong.
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    I think your company should start to discover the world of "redundancy"
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    What @stacked said
    I am in a students' club and every part of our infrastructure is redundant. The (game) servers that I manage are not because they are not important in the slightest to the functioning of the students' club but everything else is. (2x 1 gbit switches per floor, 2 main switches per block, 2x 10gbit fiber lines per block(10 and ½ of blocks in total), 2x catalyst 6500 routers in the central server room with 2 redundant 10gbit lines to our university(and many fibers from our university to CESNET), 2 Aruba controllers, 2 database servers, 2 ror servers running the information system... and so on)... and we also have a commercial connection as a backup. It's something around 100mbps but it should be enough for the most basic tasks like downloading older firmware if you screw something up.
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    @stacked @bytecode We have a multi-million dollar production site on a single fiber. Had to pay an ass ton for it because we paid to run it the ~40 miles to a big enough city. And it's no where near feasible to get a second fiber line for redundancy anywhere else.
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    Redundancy ftw
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