They've generated a very complicated PIN for my new SIM card… 🤔

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    What's your number? Let's verify if that PIN suits that number
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    @asgs No, thanks 😂
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    function generatePIN() {
    return "1234"; //placeholder
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    Sei italiano? Non lo sapevo! <----- Reaching out the limits of what I can remember about the language. I legit had no clue.
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    @AleCx04 I'm actually not, I'm polish, but I live in Italy. 🙂
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    Vodafone in Czech Republic does not even try, everyone gets 1234... and my new credit card pin was in the format abaa where a was 0 and b was some random number... I like to think that pin was random but there is a fee for changing the pin so maybe it was intentional.
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    You actually didn't completely cover the barcode. But I'm too lazy to decode it.
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    @AleCx04 Dude! If we put our knowledge on Italian together, we could hold a whole 8 seconds conversation!
    Here goes:
    - Buongiorno, come stai?
    - Sto benissimo, e tu? / Sto bene
    - Che cazzo
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    @JS96 damn, you’re gonna need to make a note of that somewhere. Try not to lose it 😂

    I don’t know why all the mobile phone companies use a simple sim pin, it’s a bit stupid really. When you get a new router, it doesn’t come with a password like 1234abcd 😂
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    @err-occured I got a new ASUS router which came with a blank password. Don't remember the model #
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    It's standard procedure in some operators, like @bytecode said. Everyone gets pin 1234 or 0000 and you're supposed to change it yourself. A lot of people have pin 1234 or 0000 because they didn't change it.
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    @Jilano nailed it!
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    Mine is 0000
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    Where I'm at everyone gets 1111. And nobody gives a shit to change it ever since screen locks on smartphones
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    @asgs his number is 01234 567 890
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