Shoutout to https://ytmp3.cc for being the only web youtube downloader that actually works, is actually quick, downloads "copy-protected by copyright" videos and has a dark theme.

Only the occasional popup ad on mobile, too. Goddamn this is good.

only downside is that it's always Highest Available quality and only MP3/MP4... but other than that it's fucking amazing

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    Damn right IT IS fucking amazing.
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    onlinevideoconverter also works, there’s ton of services that work
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    @devTea but like

    most are deliberately slow and restricted unless you pay or sign up for some bullshit
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    Or you can use youtube-dl from terminal because we're all hAx0rs here. (Seriously though, it’s good and supports not only youtube despite being called that)
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    aTubeCatcher anyone? No? Okay :(
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    Minimal af
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    Hey, it's floydian.
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