Fuck yeah! Passed Dutch practical driving exam first try! 😁

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    @KartSriv can't be. I don't have a car... Yet

    I mean, my dad has, but I'm not sure if Toyota Auris Hybrid is sporty enough 🤔
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    @KartSriv man, I wish to even have a 5.000€ car now and you're telling me about 2 million $
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    @KartSriv ah yes, we gonna break the law of physics
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    @athlon Start with a cheap car if it’s your first car.
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    Well here's me:
    - Needed to take the practical test thrice to pass.
    - Took over 50+ Driving lessons (average is half of that) and had likely 40 more hours driving my parents around.
    - The whole thing took me more than a year.
    - My first driving instructor had a total engine failure 2 weeks before the third test so I had to switch. This delayed the test by 3 months!
    - Oh and did I mention that half the time I was in Military service so I only had "time" on the weekend?!
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    Congrats man
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