I just saw the Aladdin movie. It was a beautiful and fun movie. I loved it.

Will Smith was perfect as the genie. I don't understand why everyone created a big fuss when they saw Will Smith as the genie in the trailer.

People are dumb.

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    Haven't seen it. Looks good and I had no gripes with Smith playing the Genie. He approached the character with a lot of respect.
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    People are bored and hate change, so they'll say anything about anything. (Remember when people didn't want Heath Ledger as the Joker?)

    Edit: @AleCx04 Agreed. His tweet "to" Robin Williams was pretty nice.
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    Man people were bitching because he's not black enough to play Serena and Venus Williams' dad (not even confirmed either; just a possibility).

    People bitch about everything. It's best to take most people's opinions with a grain of salt.
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    @nathanasius oh please!

    There are things other than related to development i like to share and hear opinions of other devs.

    Maybe I'm little biased, but I give a little more value to opinions and thoughts of random person who is a dev than some random stranger.

    Devrant is that community for me.
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    @nathanasius how is this not a rant?
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    @sSam I'd hardly consider "I love X. X is great. Why don't other people like X?" to be a rant...
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    Haven't seen the movie but saw the trailer, I think W. Smith is the perfect fit for the role.
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    @AleCx04 @Jilano @HoloDreamer actually I noticed mistakes in the initial trailer (was there only one? Not sure) with the genie character, especially in compositing and lighting, it looked sort of unnatural for various reasons. Maybe that threw people off (you'd notice them subconsciously, though people are affected differently)?. Looked okay in a different shot. But that's basically the only gripe I have with it, haven't seen the movie yet.
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    @nathanasius I have long given up on that
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    Nah people just like to bitch about everything! 🤔😓
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    Seen it. It was a lot of fun. Good movie. 7.8/10
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    I heard a lot of early speculation that it was a train wreck. Since it came out I've heard nothing but good things. I'm not even that invested in it but I'm so relieved that they did a great job.
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