Current barrier I'm facing... (Graduate next year and non stop looking for positions):

Position: Junior/Graduate Developer
Spec: Must have at least 1-2 years experience.

Fuck this.

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    Most of time it's just an artificial "barrier".
    They will tell you, "Oh you are good, we really want to work with you but you have little experience and/or not enough title/paper/shit, so we have to pay you less...."

    Don't be put away by that...
    Or be. If the money is really that shit and/or the job not worth it
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    Anyway when you'll have a lot of experience and titles, they will tell you "Oh, you are too expensive, sorry"
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    No one cares about 1-2 years of experience. If you have a company and a good candidate applies with less experience than you specified, will you let him go? I wouldn't..
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    You just gotta get to know somebody
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    Lie. Lie through your teeth...
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    If you have personal projects to show you get a lot of ++ start being active on github and its proof of concept.
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