Got promoted to a managerial position recently. How you guys with a similar experience have transitioned from coding all day long to leading fellow coders?

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    Recruiters try to transition me to manager but I reject all offers including CTO all the time cause it would require me to get up from bed and get out from home.

    I know many managers and they look frustrated and not happy people and I don’t need that.

    Who wants to get out from home these days with all those people, violence and surveillance all around ?
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    Been there, done that, went back to coding. Meetings tend to push me towards murder and there was an insane amount of them so...
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    Being there, done that. Not my cup of tea. Loads of stress and meetings plus unrealistic deadlines and expectations. I am back coding and feel much better. Couldn’t wait to get out of this nonsense of a job.
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    You must put this in your head as a switch of career, not a promotion as you said.

    In our company, switch to managerial position is treated as such, and everyone who is offered that switch gets a really good explanation of this. After a discussion, lots of developers decide to stay at their current position. Not everyone is good at being a manager, the same as not everyone is good at being a developer.

    I used to be a developer now I'm a CTO and after couple of years I still enjoy it.

    So my advice to you is, go for it, but always have in mind that you switched job, not upgraded it. If you feel it's not for you, you can always go back coding.
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    Being older, I have started to feel some flak from still being a developer.
    Being a manager, my age which was a liability shifts into an asset. I still don't know if I will like it, but I'm not afraid to try.
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    Good luck!
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