Wait. What? If Mexico doesn't control our immigration, we are going to shoot our own industry in the head? What. A. Putz.

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    Why do you people call Trump "putz". I mean, you call HIM, specifically, a putz. I know that word because of Trump, never heard ir before.

    And yeah, that is kinda what he's saying. Although, it is the Status Quo. The only thing that would change is that there would be less "coyotes, rapists and human traffickers". Not defending him, just saying there's also that.
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    @telephantasm his tariffs wouldn't affect "coyotes, rapists, and human trsffickers" but it will slam Texas companies into the dirt. This guy's economics are horrible. He's going to do more damage than China ever could. He's a putz.
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    @iAmNaN You know, even from afar, it's not funny anymore to watch that train wreck. I feel for you.
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    @iAmNaN What the hell is a putz?!
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    I'm just reminded of this. You can't trump Trump's logic. That creature belongs to the Nether.
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    @Jilano its funny you say that, after a discussion with someone else from over there a few hours ago, I'm just about convinced that you guys honestly haven't a clue about just how fucking pathetic things really are here.

    Only half the population shows up to vote and that number dwindles more and more every term. Not that it matters, seems to be another misconception that you guys think our popular vote counts for anything. When you really start to dig into it, you'll find that the 4 year election carries very little weight at all and that its really the midterm state elections that makes the decision.

    Of course thats a pretty common misconception here as well, the midterms attract even less of the population to the polls
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    Looks like putz is yiddish for prick
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    Oh yeah the Billonaire that has a fucking commerical airliner as a private jet doesn't know economics. Okey
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    @12bitfloat just because you own a plane doesn't mean you understand economics. The Jamaican Fire Festival is clear evidence of this.

    That said I think your right about Trump, people need to stop believing everything they see on the Tv. When you really get right down to it, Trump understands economics perfectly well.

    It's just that he also happens to be in the pocket of new york steel and other such large scale enterprises. He can't exactly just come out on front street with that and hope to get reelected so instead they put on a puppet show for us to watch while they make their deals under the table.

    But don't get it twisted, the other side is just as bad. "Free health care" was never about an idealistic goal, it was about showing everyone that we made an effort that just coincidently happen to fail.

    Convenient that the first black president also happened to take office that term 🤔
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    @M1sf3t We sadly know how fucked up many of your systems are. But unfortunately, as long as a major part of the population turns a blind eye or whatever the reason may be, nothing will ever change.

    There is a reason some people joke about the U.S.A. not being a first world country. When you look at many indicators, it's "almost" true. :/

    Good luck!
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    @Jilano Thank god for Trump then
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    @Jilano its not so much a blind eye as it is an ignorant eye. You get one class on the us political system for all of your 12 years of free education. I say free, its a pay it forward system.

    How else would they ensure that their tax payers can read the advertisements and figure out where to place their signature on contracts and checks...

    Who gives a shit that they actually understand anything about what they're signing 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @M1sf3t You're quite correct, there.

    That also reminds me of this quote: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." (Upton Sinclair)
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    @Jilano I don't think I've ever heard that one before, very fitting though.

    Another analogy of the entire situation would be to compare it to an inch worm moving up a tree limb.

    The limb would represent the rate of inflation, the body of the worm the economy and the front and rear feet the republican and democratic parties respectively.

    One moves the head a step forward then the next term the other brings the rear back up to a reasonable distance, only to just let them watch the front take back off again.

    All the while the length of the worm is steadily growing and increasing the gap between the front and rear each time it fully stretches back out.
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    I am going to be perfectly fair here and state that Mexico really doesn't give a flipping flying dangling veiny dick fuck about immigration and how many desperate people continue to flood our borders.

    Fucking nada

    Impossing tariffs destabilizes the relationship between many of our companies here and there effectively affecting both economies.

    The thing is that we are still way more powerful than Mexico, by a wide margin, if anyone's arm is gonna be twisted, it will be theirs.

    Y'all have not seen how fucking laughable their immigration containment is. One gets sick and tired of seeing this shit on the daily. If anything I am glad I am to stop seeing my streets flooded with immigrants beginning for money or hearing about them causing chaos downtown
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    @AleCx04 pretty sure taxing imports on mexico will mostly affect the lower half of the economy. I imagine the upper half has the money to just by domestic, which is more expensive but usually has a lot better qa backing it so typically the tradeoff equals out anyway.

    Just a general opinion of course, I'm sure we could all pull individual examples to back either case.

    My biggest beef with the whole thing is that it's really just another case of misdirection, just like that goddamn wall. We really want to stop illegals from coming over here, then crack down on the dickheads hiring them.

    Have the best lawyers in the country draw up a rock solid, zero tolerance policy and fine anyone hiring an illegal with an amount so large that the money they save on staff isn't even remotely worth the risk.

    No work, no illegals. Problem solved. Now on to the new one...

    How to cope with a unanimously liberal govt after the republican party pisses off 95% of it's constituency 🙄
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    @AleCx04 I agree for the most part that there is a problem, and it needs addressed, but shooting our own industry in the head is just plain dumb. This is going to directly affect Texas, which is why Cruz and Cornyn are saying, "whoa there, fella! Let's not nuke our own to solve this." We, not Mexico, are paying the tarrif, just like we, not Mexico, are paying for the wall. The current approach is self-destructive and self-defeating. Let's find a way that improves the economies and governments south of the border, so that desperate people don't have to come here.
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    @iAmNaN destructive to most, but if y'all's general contractors are anything like ours then they're making bank either way.

    After all what's more expensive, the current taxes and new tariffs or slipping the coyote a few extra bucks to bring you materials over with the next batch of hands you hire to build the damn thing.
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    Sorry, everybody. I'm an ignorant fuck.
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