Welcome to the future, where a video platform is a better radio station than a dedicated music service.

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    Ive never really understood why people pay for spotify etc. Youtube with adblock is the best music service, creates playlists and discovers new music
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    what is this a best of the worst review? You guys do realize that there are other music apps besides spotify right?
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    @M1sf3t name one with the same availability and quality of international releases as well as a working mobile app not being half-legal other than spotify.
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    @nitwhiz specifically international, no clue honestly. I've only got one spoken language firmly under my belt so if its not from the US or Uk then there's probably not much chance I want to hear it.

    Unless of course we're talking instrumentals, but that's beside the point because I only put those on when I really need to concentrate.

    Any case my preference would be Pandora but that may only be because I've used it long enough to understand that the thumbs up and down buttons are not to be applied in a casual sense and my stations rarely find themselves with tunnel vision.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have Pandora One so anytime want to hear a specific song, youtube is my goto but they've got an advantage over the rest in that department because any user can upload a video containing a song whether they have the proprietary rights or not.

    More importantly the next track predictions are usually pretty off the wall and I absolutely loathe having to make playlist on my own.
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    Reminded me of this
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    Personally I like to use a music service that allows me to download music for offline listening and doesn't use up all of my mobile data. Or is there a way to do this in yt?
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    @nibor you can with YT premium
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    @nibor which I’ve never used
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    @M1sf3t what got me triggered is that spotify has a radio-functionality, which they advertised all the time - but it fucken sucks ass. You got like 20 songs, 12 of them being good, on repeat. Every day, every week, every month, every year.

    YouTube essentially only has a "next video" function or if grouped into a playlist, a "mix". This works wayyyy better as a radio. And is not advertised as such.
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    @nitwhiz yea i never got the spotify obsession, pandora's been around seems for just as long and their radio has traditionally kicked its ass every year. I guess more ppl just cared about selecting individual songs, idk.

    Still, now that they've got pandora premium and not just the adfree stuff, they nuke everyone from apple to youtube right outa the water.

    The original youtube at least, I've yet to try their premium service. Not even sure it was around the last time i subscribed to anything, been a year or two now.
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