Lol I'm such an introvert
I have joined an internship and have been here for 4 weeks now. I have been seeing people drinking coffee since day 2, but have been shy to ask about it. In my 2nd week I located where the coffee machine was, but to shy to use it. This week, after finally gathering up the courage I went to use the machine after others used. That's when I realised I don't know how to use it. Lol. I made such a bad mix of expresso and milk and had to add 4 spoons of sugar to be able to drink it. Yesterday I made the mistake of not adding sugar and thought it was too awkward to go back to add sugar, so gulped it down after it cooled a little.
Looool, need to develop soft skills

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    When you master the coffee machine, offer to bring your senior colleagues coffee and chat with them
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    Put poison in the coffee so you'd never have to see them in the pantry again.
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    @rutee07 luckily my coworkers and seniors are quite friendly and have not put pressure on me yet. Lol will keep that tip in mind though
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    Just ask how to use the devil machine
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    Yeah if youre making coffee offer to make one for them, but dont become the intern coffee maker
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    @simpleJack I'm trying to avoid that
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    On my first day my boss told me to wash all the coffee cups and i was like thats not what you hired me for, I bring my own coffee
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    Or you just need to let go of the last shred of care.

    I'm introverted, and awkward, but I no longer have the time or inclination to summon up even the most rudimentary shit to give about it.

    So people think I'm extroverted, and confident, and whatever.
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    @brahn yah that is me in college, here as it is a new environment I'm like this
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    It seems that the guys aren't friendly with you.
    In my company when we have a new hire, the first thing we do is the coffee machine tutorial :D

    Also, we try to include the person as much as possible, lunch, discussions,.....
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    @justDeployIt sex parties included? 😏
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    @justDeployIt that seems cool, I would have loved that
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    Jeez dude, thats almost autistic levels of shyness. Rule of thumb for interns: The people there know that you don't know too much, and if you keep a friendly attitude they'll reflect adequately. Some devs can look a little cold on the outside, but with a little time they'll get warmer.

    The more you talk to people the easier it gets. If you don't feel comfortable diving into full fledged 10 minute discussions, start with simple things, chit chat. Ask if someone wants to grab a coffee, comment on things you like...

    It's an organic process, you'll get there.
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