We have about 12 standing desks at the office for people who say they /need/ them.

I only ever see two people standing.

One guy is standing every month for a few days, and sometimes for the whole month.

The other one, where a whole team moved for so he can have his standing desk, has his desk up high every day but is sitting on a high stool in an unergonomic way, slouching forward.

All the other people just don't use it ever.

Plenty of people who want to actually use it don't get the opportunity.

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    That's the story about "needs", more like "I've seen someone use that, I want that too".
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    standing desks or sit/stand desks?

    There is a difference. We have lots of sit/stand desks. I have one too. I lift it and work standing when my backache is unbearable. When I'm not standing, I'm sitting, but I'm still using that desk's features that a normal one does not have. I.e. I adjust desk's height to my arms (wrists) would suffer less
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    @netikras sit/standing desks
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    The company I'm contracting at gave everyone a sit/stand desk. Very few people use them, but some do.
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    I'd love a sit/standing desk, but sadly I can't have one
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    @PaladinRevenant they did the same with the call center I used to work in. For the first couple weeks, everyone was constantly switching between sitting and standing. Eventually the fad got old and almost everyone stopped standing.
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    so a couple of 2x6's and a sheet of sturdy plywood just too much strain on the budget? I thought the corporate jobs where supposed to pay well?

    Just an assumption given they're providing a new trend to anyone at all. In any case they might cave if your "desktop extension" is constructed bad enough, js 💁🏻‍♂️
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    @M1sf3t IT is a cost and they rather buy some expensive art to put in a corner somewhere than provide us with luxuries we don’t deserve.
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    @periculum but see that's precisely my point, you start improvising you own ergonomic furniture and they'll eventually consider reprioritizing.

    If not they'll most likely walk in one morning and find the whole place to resemble a lumber yard because everyone else decided to follow your lead 💁🏻‍♂️
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