We have about 12 standing desks at the office for people who say they /need/ them.

I only ever see two people standing.

One guy is standing every month for a few days, and sometimes for the whole month.

The other one, where a whole team moved for so he can have his standing desk, has his desk up high every day but is sitting on a high stool in an unergonomic way, slouching forward.

All the other people just don't use it ever.

Plenty of people who want to actually use it don't get the opportunity.

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    That's the story about "needs", more like "I've seen someone use that, I want that too".
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    standing desks or sit/stand desks?

    There is a difference. We have lots of sit/stand desks. I have one too. I lift it and work standing when my backache is unbearable. When I'm not standing, I'm sitting, but I'm still using that desk's features that a normal one does not have. I.e. I adjust desk's height to my arms (wrists) would suffer less
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    @netikras sit/standing desks
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    The company I'm contracting at gave everyone a sit/stand desk. Very few people use them, but some do.
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    I'd love a sit/standing desk, but sadly I can't have one
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    @PaladinRevenant they did the same with the call center I used to work in. For the first couple weeks, everyone was constantly switching between sitting and standing. Eventually the fad got old and almost everyone stopped standing.
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    @M1sf3t IT is a cost and they rather buy some expensive art to put in a corner somewhere than provide us with luxuries we don’t deserve.
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