Oh wow.
Google deems me worthy!!?!!

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    I am not a far leftist. They would fail me on that alone. πŸ˜•πŸ™„

    Also, if I managed to get a job there anyway, I would absolutely detest it on so many grounds -- moral included.
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    @Root it's one of those "oh what did I do to get noticed" moments, but at the same time... do I really want to work for them πŸ€”

    I'll do the challenge and see what happens.
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    @C0D4 I was able to trigger foobar as many times as I wanted by repeatedly searching for "dependency injection"
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    @Root my recent search history has a lot to do with Salesforce and automated pipelines (ci/CD)... makes me wonder
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    @Root isnt google a wannabe kindergarten just for adults anyway.
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    @Root people at google seem cool, at least in my country, they were nice when I visited. I'd like every aspect of working there besides their ethics and political views. Especially with the vox adpocalypse rn.
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    @Root that’s honestly immoral that google uses their search platform to their advantage to try to slurp engineers. That’s legitimately sick and should probably be illegal.
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    So you use google as your search engine?
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    @gitlog we all did at one point or another even me can’t lie.
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    @FrodoSwaggins but shouldn't we move on to better things over time?

    At a time we all used to shit in our diapers but we don't do it now (I hope so for others on dR lol). We must move on to those who provide better privacy
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    @gitlog uh what? I don’t use google now I think that’s very obviously the point of my statement.
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    @gitlog senpai recommend better search engine please
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    πŸ˜‚I dont use google much,

    I default to DuckDuckGo and use google when the duck can't find what I'm looking for or gets stuck at serving the same results.

    So based on low search yields, this is an interesting result.
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    Damn I just read about the foobar challenge. Seems like a very cool concept.
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    @Root I'm would genuinely like to know why would you detest working there. Is it a bad place to work in or is the work bad?
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    @FrodoSwaggins why do you think it is illegal? It's their search engine and they are a company... And of course every time you want to use any of their products you have to agree to their ToS, PP and so on.
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    @bytecode it probably should be illegal but monopoles have been deemed problematic for healtht markets and serving lower quality products to the consumer.

    Some are trying to break up facebook. But google disney and some of those bigger companies are in that situation.
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    @Santaclauze My point is... You can use other search engines, if you use Google you are giving them data, why should they not use it?
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    @fuck2code This is why google & journalists are evil & the biggest threat to freedom of speech.

    Just look how many times they changed their mind on twitter, google/youtube clearly doesnt know what they are doing.
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    @COD4 Congratulations 🎊
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    @NightAxeblade Both.

    It's an echo chamber for extreme leftist views. (Group labeling, society>individuals, women>men, socialism is good, minorities>whites, etc.) If you disagree with their mentality, have dissenting opinions, don't participate in the groupthink, etc., you are ostracized by your coworkers and taken off interesting projects. Management, even when more reasonable, must bend to the opinions of the majority lest they get attacked as well. Also, google as a whole is corrupt and uses their control and influence against those they disagree with. Companies that are on the right side of the political spectrum (or who have received Google's ire for other reasons) experience elevated numbers of bugs and service outages or slowdowns, and see almost no efforts to fix them from Google. Google likewise will not consider acquiring companies that employ people Google does not like. The behavior patterns are there, and they paint an awful picture. I don't want to work for a place like that.

    The work is also immoral. I don't mind that they're an advertising company. I do mind that they seek to track and store as much information as they possibly can about everyone. I mind that 70% of websites feed them information by way of Google analytics, tag manager, fonts, and ads. I mind that my Android phone knows exact location at all times -- and informs google of this -- even with GPS, data, and "location history" turned off. I mind that they use their control to alter search results based on their political views and the views of advertisers. I mind that they work with governments to actively censor content and limit search results. I mind that they work with our own government's NSA, who spies on its citizens. I mind that they buy and/or ruin everything interesting, like Nest, and incorporate it into their ever-growing and ever-more-unavoidable ecosystem.

    Google is a horrible place to work, even if they have slides and massages and catered lunch.
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    @Root I believe you have opened my eyes
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    @NightAxeblade don't take this shit too serious tho, there are some hard core tinfoil folks around here. Rather, look around, do some research and formulate your own opinion.

    I for one would love to work at google. If nothing else, it's a sign of approval on your resume that will open many doors. Also I'm sure the pay is good and you learn a ton so win-win-win.
    The only downside I see for FANG is that they're massive corporations and you'll most likely be a cog in the system. But it's a game of tradeoffs.
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    @bytecode but everytime you go out you give data as well to multiple other companies and people a day. The problem is when one person has access to too much data. They can predict and analyze behaviour.

    If you break the monopole the data will be incomplete and people wouldnt be as worried about it, like you are not worried when ypu fill a survey or something of the like
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    @bytecode but yes you have other search engines and you should use othera instead of bitcching about google thats for sure! Butnthe monopolistic aspect of it is crucial
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    @Froot ah yes, the good old ad hominem attack. When you can't attack the ideas, just make fun of the person
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    @fuck2code mmm no. I'm just saying they should make their own decision not base it on a loud minority.
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    Have fun!

    Foobar was great. I really liked the final challenge.

    Hopefully they have some new questions for returning members
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    Fuck I want to get in.
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    Google notice me !
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